1. Book the movers. Consider your options for packing:
    • Have your movers pack everything.
    • Movers pack just the breakables.
    • Pack yourself.

    It is a good idea to obtain estimates from several different companies.

  2. If you own your present home:
    • Arrange to have your gas, water, and electric meters read on the day you leave and have the bills forwarded to your new address.
    • Have the oil tank read and filled before your sale closes, and provide a receipt to your legal professional if required.
    • If the water heater or furnace is rented, arrange for a transfer of the rental agreement to the Purchaser.
    • Disconnect your telephone, cable TV, and water softener.
  3. If you rent your present home:
    • Give necessary written notice to your landlord and make arrangements for thereturn of any money you have on deposit.
  4. At your new home:
    • Make arrangements for the gas and electric utilities, water softener, telephone, and cable TV to be connected on the day the sale closes.
    • Arrange for home insurance for the day of closing.
  5. General:
    • Get “change of address” cards from the post office and send out well before moving day.
    • Have the post office forward your mail to your new address.
    • Cancel any contracted services and pre-authorized cheques.
    • Inform gardening, dry cleaning, garbage pickup, newspapers, magazines, and other home services; arrange for services at your new address.
    • Cancel or transfer social, athletic, civic, religious, or business affiliations, and memberships.
    • Arrange for transfer of medical, dental, prescription, and optical records.
    • Change the address on your driver’s license(s) effective the day of the move.
    • Collect all items out for cleaning, repair, or storage, e.g. dry cleaning.
    • Make special arrangements for the moving of your pets and for perishables, such as plants.
    • Safely dispose of all flammable liquids as it is illegal for movers to carry them.